**Past Events: in case you missed them!**


What the RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) is all about:

appleseedinfo.org   This event had to be cancelled for now.  Click the link to find out more about Project Appleseed.  Click here to find out more

Project Appleseed is an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills. 



August 7, 2010

I am hoping one of our members has some pictures of the picnic so I can post them here!  Send them to gonefishing101@live.com.



August  14, 2010.  9:am to 3:30

WOW, What a turn-out!  We had 72 kids participating!! 

Sponsored by United Northern Sportsmen and Lake Superior Chapter of MN Deer Hunters Assn. Lunch and prize drawings were included.   Events included: Laser shot simulator, 22 rifles, Shotguns on Trap Range, Muzzleloader rifles, and attend a Big Dog and Survival Seminar.


UNS Summer Fishing Contest

Annual summer fishing contest at Island Lake was June 12 & 13.  Join us next year.



WE HAD A GREAT TURN-OUT! Fishing was great, weather was ... well it's winter in Minnesota, what do you expect!?  Thank You: St Joseph's Equipment for snow removal for the contest. 

our volunteers did a great job!Gone fishin'Another great volunteer!!!Ice Fishin' chefs!I won something!!It's cold but we love it!

This Year's Fishing Contest Winners:

John Stephan: .98# Rock Bass / Scott Ridgely: .82# Perch / Jerrold Selin: .82# Perch / Guy Rabold: .80# Northern / Bryan Walsh: .79# Rock Bass / Allison Walsh: .68# Rock Bass.  Congratulations to all of our winners.  It looks like the Walshes & Rock Bass Rule!?



Acme Tools Hawg Walleye Fishing Contest will be held on Island Lake and UNS grounds on July 31 & August 1.  Proceeds benefit Voyager Area Council of Boy Scouts.  Be there.  Tickets available at Acme Tools and area bait & tackle shops.


Guest Speaker for August was Andrew Slade from St. Louis County Watershed.  He spoke about watershed issues and Miller Creek pollution.  Did you know that you can Adopt-a-River? Yep. Click here for more info  You can be a part of helping to keep our rivers, streams and lakes cleaner!

April 23, 2010 was the Annual UNS Sportsmen's Banquet at Spirit Mountain

Past President Roberts recieves an engraved 10-22Kevin shows-off the bow a lucky guest wonSome of our guests at Spirit MountainFred guards the door: "No, you can't go home early!?!?"One of the prizes, the handgun, not the man holding it!!More guests (Ignore that Wendy's bag???)


Appleseed Program is returning July 24 & 25, October 29, 30

This is a program to teach you how to shoot long range.  Like 300+ yards!  Leave a message on the clubhouse phone if you would like more information on the Appleseed Program: 218.721.4843. Call now.  www.appleseedinfo.org


Marine General will have a KAYAK-TRY-OUT event at UNS on July 18




The 2008 UNS club picnic was on Sunday, August 10, 2008 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. We all had a great time and great weather. (click on a pic' to enlarge!)

we won't all fit!!?!?2008 UNS PicnicIt's hard work being at a picnicI found something!!

The Treasure huntRolling fun for old and young! I'm throwing it all the way to WisconsinHere Dad, I love you!



YOUTH DAY was Saturday AUGUST 15 - There was two drawings for 22 caliber rifles.  One for a boy, one for a girl.

United Northern Sportsmen: FALL FUNDRAISER Winners-Brian Meyers: $250.00, Len Lund: $125.00, Cheryl Christiansen: $75.00


CALLING ALL YOUTH  August 23rd was Youth Field Day - Sponsored by United Northern Sportsmen and The Minnesota Deer Hunters Assoc., So. St. Louis County Chapter Do you have a child, grand child, niece, nephew, neighbors ages 8-17?   Join us next year for our 2009 Youth Field Day.  EVENTS: .22 Shoot, Archery, .22 Fun Shoot, Outdoor Safety.


April 24, 2009 was United Northern Sportsmen's Annual Banquet @ Spirit Mountain  

Speaker for the night This is mine... I hope!!!Life Membership Awards, why does Kevin have cash in his hand?? Some of the prizes you could have won!


SPORTSMEN'S BANQUET  Our Spring Sportsmen Awards Banquet was held on April 11th, 2008 at Lakeview Castle The food was great and the prizes were even better!  Next year: we will have our banquet at Spirit Mountain


UNS 28th SUMMER FISHING CONTEST: June 6 & 7 - Every Walleye 14" and over was awarded a prize.  Check back for pictures.

If you would like to volunteer to help at an event, contact a board member.  See contact information on the back of our newsletter.

SUNDAY JANUARY 25 WAS THE 56th ANNUAL UNS ICE FISHING CONTEST!   The Fishing Contest was a blast in spite of the COLD.  Join us next year for our 57th annual ice fishing contest.  (I promise, the weather will be warmer!?) 

2008 - SUMMER FISHING CONTEST June 14th and 15th, 2008  was this year’s Annual Walleye Fishing Contest.  Any walleye registered over 14" was be guaranteed a prize.  So remember: Mark That Calendar for the UNS 2009 Summer Fishing Contest!

UNITED NORTHERN SPORTSMEN'S 55TH ANNUAL ICE FISHING CONTEST This year’s Ice Fishing contest was one of the best we've had in years. 1,000 or so folks had a great time enjoying a spring day in January.

John Gavitt registered a 8.37# Northern that won him $1,000!  2nd Place went to Josh Fell (.94), 3rd to Noah Jahr (.94), 4th Michael Beck (.88) and 5th place Alan Lane (.74).  The Youth Class was won by Josh Adams.

Congratulations to all of our winners and, join us for next year's contest!!

An unlucky Fish!

Lucky angler, unlucky fish!

The 55th annual Ice Fishing contest was held on January 27, 2008 @ the Sportsmen's Retreat on Island Lake.

A few Pictures from the Ice Fishing Contest 

click on pic' to enlarge

Way to go!how long do I have to sit here?future anglerWho's that good lookin' hunk??It won't be long now...It's a Winner!




Thanks to all of our Past speakers @ United Northern Sportsmen

June's speaker: George Deegan  Mr. Deegan works for the DNR.  He spoke at the June 10 Members' meeting.  He spoke about the State Forests and what is going on with them.  Thank You, George: that was very interesting!

March 's speaker: Joe Cannella of MN Deer Hunters' Association will speak about deer hunting, hunting regulations, traditions!  Don't miss this one, especially if you're a deer hunter!

January 2010 speaker was: John Geissler, Program Director at Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.  He spoke on the many programs they have to offer!  Thank You, John.  Boulder Lake has some very interesting programs.

OCTOBER'S SPEAKERS: OHV Program Consultant - Topic was on OHV use and forest road classifications.  We had many members attend this meeting.  This was a topic of great concern for our members!

September's Speaker was Joan Wyandt -Ms. Wyandt is a Wetland Specialist with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources.  Her topic: WETLAND CONSERVATION ACT.  Why is this important?  What is a wetland?  Joan answered these questions and more!    Thank You, Joan!!

July's speaker was Lt. Aaron Gross -Lt. Gross from the United States Coast Guard/U.S. Dept of Homeland Security , Lt. Gross spoke about all aspects of the Coast Guard!  Thank You Lt. Gross.

Former Duluth City Councilman.  (May 13) Mr. Stewart spoke about gun ownership and civil disobedience.  You should have been here for this this one!  Great presentation.  Thank You Russ.

April: Dan Wilfond Dan is from the DNR Fisheries & French River.  Dan spoke about the Musky stocking in Island Lake and other fish stories.  Like: the average size of the walleyes in Island Lake and surrounding lakes and other fish species.  You missed a great meeting if you weren't there.  Thanks Dan!

March: Randy Hanzal from the DNR.  He is the new DNR representative for the area.  If you missed Randy's talk you missed out on some great information about the DNR, Laws and Law enforcement.  Thank You Randy, we hope to see you again (at the club house!!)!

February: Peter Gravett from the Hartley Nature Center.  Topic: What goes on @ the Hartley Nature Center and how they are teaching us and our children about wildlife and nature.  Join us, it should be very interesting!

Guest Speaker for October's Membership Meeting was: Dave Zentner spoke on protecting Minnesota's hunting, angling and habitat and how it pertains to the MN Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment which will appear on the November 4th ballot. 

If you missed this meeting, you missed a very informative talk. Remember, get out and vote on November 4.

Thank You Dave!

April 11, 2008 - Al Thomas, TIP Executive Director TIP furnishes rewards to callers providing information which leads to an arrest. Rewards range from up to $100 for fish, small game and non-game species violations, up to $250 for big game and endangered species violations and up to $1,000 for flagrant or commercial violations. Callers may remain anonymous.

May 14 Membership meeting: Doug Jensen from Minnesota Sea Grant Doug Jensen from the Minnesota Sea Grant Program will be speaking about Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species and, What You Can Do About It

July 9th Membership meeting Speaker: Jim Kurtz - topic: Wildlife

Guest Speaker for September was: Judge Eric Hylden gave us an update on the  Supreme Court's recent decision on the 2nd amendment case in Washington DC.  The 2nd amendment is important to many of us: the right to own firearms.

Judge Hylden spoke a few months ago on the same subject:  Wednesday night he will give us an update on the Supreme Court's decision and how it could affect our right to own firearms in the future and what the anti-gunners are up to because of it!  It was very interesting.   Thank You Judge Hylden!

December's Speaker was: Mike Levig - Pres., Arrowhead ATV Club. Mr. Levig talked to the group about new regulations that the DNR put into effect about the use of ATV's for the various hunting seasons.  He also spoke about the different classifications of the trail system. 

If you missed Mike's talk, you missed a good presentation.  Thanks, Mike.

Mike stressed the importance of being INVOLVED with helping to keep our trails open to riding.  If we're not involved, the trails will slowly but surely be taken from us.  Then where will we ride?