United Northern Sportsmen Club


7229 Rice Lake Road

Duluth MN 55803

Phone 218.721.4843



Conservation Pledge


I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country – it’s air, soil, and minerals, it’s forest, water, and wildlife.


We are one of Minnesota’s largest and most active conservation clubs, approximately 25 minute drive from Duluth


Board Meetings- First Wednesday of every month – 7 PM All members are welcome to attend any meeting.

Members Meeting – Second Wednesday every month – 7 PM – Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting


 Rules for the United Northern Sportsmen Club Facilities




2.  Every person using the facilities must be a member of UNS.  Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or be a member himself. (Guest day passes are available for $5.00 per day from camp host or at back door of the Retreat building.  Day pass users MUST be accompanied by a current, sponsoring member who will be held responsible for their day guest. Day passes are NOT ALLOWED FOR OVERNIGHT USE other than in sponsoring member’s sleeping unit and if not spending the night must not be on property during quiet time (11pm – 6 am)

Proof of Membership must be rendered if asked to do so.

Ex: If a member comes to use the firing range, and brings a non-member friend or relative with them, this non-member guest is required to pay the $5.00 day pass to camp host or in the drop box.

Ex: If a member is camping and invites a couple of non-member friends to drop in for dinner and a campfire, these non-member guest must each pay the $5.00 day pass to camp host or in drop box.

Ex: If a family of members are picnicking and invites their neighbor family to join them, the non-member guest (18 yrs or older) must each pay the $5.00 day pass to camp host or in drop box.

** It is the responsibility of the member to make sure their guests pay for their day pass or invite your non-member friends or relatives to join the club – which also can be paid to camp host or in drop box.  


3.  Domesticated animals must be leashed at all times. Owners are responsible for animal’s behavior and clean up. Retriever dogs must be leashed when not in water and owner is responsible for behavior and cleanup. Pets cannot be left unattended.


4.  Remove all personal property and trash when leaving.  Take it home with you. Ex: Trash. Spent ammo cases, etc


5.  Minors must not be left unattended on UNS property.


6.  Shooting ranges are open 8:00 am to 1/2 hr. Before sunset.  Shooting may not be allowed  during any special  event to include but not limited to Club picnic,  Memorial   Day weekend, 4th of  July weekend, and  Labor  Day weekend. Check web site for range closings.


7. All camping sites are for temporary recreation only. Use as a principle abode or any other                      permanent -type use must have prior authorization of the board of directors.


 8.  Quiet time is 11:00 PM to 6:00 am.   Keep noise at a reasonable level, including vehicles motors, radios, generators, etc.  Be courteous to your fellow members.


 9.  Except for electric-powered vehicles for the handicapped, no personal use of motorized vehicles is allowed on UNS property. This includes 3 and 4 wheel ATV=s, motor scooters, motorbikes,   snow- mobiles, and motorcycles (except for transportation to and from UNS).


10.  No raw sewage dumping in outhouses or on UNS property.   No garbage of any kind in outhouses.  No Food or Drinks allowed in outhouses, Period.


11.  All adult Campers must register immediately upon arrival.  Campsites are on a first come, first served basis.   Campground stay is limited to 14 nights per season (Friday before Memorial Day – Labor Day Monday) per person without prior UNS board approval. Lakeside camping may not necessarily be during the first 14 days if extra days have been approved. Maximum of 14 nights on lakeside.


12.  There are 4 sites on the lakeside first come, first served not to interfere  with  picnickers.    It is the first member there who has the site and he may or may not allow use by another member on the second spot in his site.  Maximum of only two sleeping units per site each centered on one railroad tie and perpendicular to the lake.


13.  Camp fires only in fire rings, stoves, grills, or fireplaces.  (You are responsible for keeping your fire under control.)  Be sure your fire is completely out before leaving.


14.  Do not move fire rings or any other equipment.  Do not leave garbage in fire rings or grills.  (Take it home.)  Aluminum cans may be recycled at the Line Shack.  State Fire regulations apply.


15.  “No berthing” at main dock.   No swimming in the main dock launch area.


16.  No personal property may be left unattended on UNS property for more than 24 hours.


17.  Use only designated driveway approaches on county HWY #4 for ingress and egress to UNS.


18.  No fireworks are permitted at any time.


19.  Read and obey special rules listed on each of the ranges.


Additional rules may be posted at the UNS Clubhouse.  Some rules may be preempted by club special events.


Rules violations may result in UNS board actions, up to and including immediate loss of membership.  Trespassers may be prosecuted. 


Play by the rules or play elsewhere.

                                                                                                                    (Revised 9/14  and replaces all past rules)