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Proctor trap team

Proctor Trap Team

UNS Membership:
UNS is a member-run-club.  Maintenance and repairs due to abuse or neglect are taken care of by your fellow club members. 

Please consider volunteering a few hours of your time for the benefit of the club.

Take ownership in your club!
We have awards for your volunteer hours.  (See 'Benefits of being a Member' on the Membership page)


During certain times of the year, parts of the grounds may be reserved for special reasons. Below is a list of dates and times that have been reserved. Range days are Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun.  Range Hours are: 8:00 am to 1/2 hour before sunset, whichever comes first. 

Range Use

RANGES - Rifle: RR, Archery: AR, Trap: TR, Firearm Safety Woods Course (WC)    

CoVid19 Range Rules


 The ranges are now open with a few new rules.

1.         The ranges will be closed on Mondays to allow for maintenance.

2.         The hours are at 8:00 a.m. until hour before sunset.

3.         Guests will be as follows:  1 guest per an Individual membership, and 2 guests  er a family membership.  Guest day passes are still $5.00.  You must be with   your guests when they are on UNS property.

4.         All ranges require eye protection and hearing protection.

5.         Covid19 guidelines and social distancing in effect.

MARCH 2021

Nothing, Yet. maybe warmer weather & no COVID would help!


Board of Directors Elections every December meeting:

Call any Board Member if you are interested in being a Board Member and being an integral part of how UNS is run.



RANGES - Rifle: RR, Archery: AR, Trap: TR, Firearm Safety Woods Course (WC)    

Consider volunteering some of your time to help out the club.  We are member supported and can always use more volunteers

Camp Host Use