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We are Minnesota's largest and most active conservation club located a short 25 minute drive from downtown Duluth.

UPDATED  UNS  RULES  effective:         May 5.2022 (click here)

The Same Old COVID News below:

Dear UNS Member,

Enclosed find a copy of the recently revised UNS Official Club Rules. They were reworked & approved by the club’s board of directors effective 5.21.2022 They go into effect as of that date and will be strictly enforced. All members are expected to read the rules and to be aware of the changes.

 We now have as large a membership as we have ever had. Because of this the facilities are more heavily used especially during the summer. Increased usage leads to additional stress on grounds and staff. This has prompted your board of directors to update the club rules which have not had major changes in some time.

 Club rules are now organized with clear headings and categories that make them easier to find. Much of the document deals with usage of our facilities including shooting ranges, waterfront and boat launch, and campground. Other areas of the document have to do with general topics including membership, joining the club, fees, guest policies, and a section on pets. Also note the changes to the campsite layout down by the lakeside.

 Careful thought has been put into the new rules and how we will operate. With our property containing both shooting ranges and waterfront, the safety of our members and guests is paramount. We also need to keep in mind the club’s legal liability. Finally the board wants the property to continue to stay well maintained.

 Please bear in mind we are a private club with one of our goals being furthering the conservation of our natural resources. We appreciate you being a member and hope our facilities meets your expectations as an attractive place to enjoy the outdoors.


Thomas Wasbotten

President UNS Conservation Club


UNS Rules Page: (click here)



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Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country- it's air, soil, and minerals, its forests, waters, and wildlife.

Our enclosure over the small bore range was thanks to a donation from Dr. James D Coughlan's estate. Dr. Coughlan (a long time member) believed in getting our youth involved in outdoor activities.




Hello from the Board of Directors here at United Northern Sportsmen. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. As noted on our website and in previous newsletters, we have made some changes to our rules at the club so please be sure to reference them and contact us with any questions. As an organization we stride to make the best possible experience for all our members while making sure United Northern Sportsmen is set up for success and will continue to be long into the future in our ever changing world.

If you have any questions about our rules, use of the facilities, and policies, please contact the Club through any official avenues such as a board member, officer, or camp host. Please do not rely on unofficial channels such as Facebook groups, message boards, chat boards, etc. Some erroneous and misleading information has been conveyed through these groups which has caused frustration for some. If in doubt please contact a club official. Email addresses are available on our website. On the back page of each issue of the newsletter you will find phone numbers for all officials and board members of the club.

Thanks for your continued support of UNS and we hope everyone has a fantastic Fourth of July.

The UNS Board of Directors June 27, 2022


:: UNS Banquet@Shriners :: 2022 Fishing Contest :: Youth Firearm Education
2022 Annual Awards Banquet
has been cancelled due to the COVID.

We always look forward to our banquet. We'll try again in 2023.

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2022 Summer Walleye Fishing Contest: Stay Tuned for Updates

5.27.22 No New News, Yet.


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We are dedicated to the education of youth in the proper handling and use of firearms. They are the future of our club and the stewards of the lands where we love to hunt and fish.

Click here for Youth Hunter Firearms Safety Training information or Online Youth Hunter Education Course and the Online Adult Hunter Course

If you would like to learn more, click on this link and it will take you to our page on Youth Firearm Education.